Our Mission

This ls not a political organization, even though, a politician, command lt. It ls meant for every able bodied men and women, whatever hie or her VIews might be on other topics.

Jawaharlal Nehru

Our Philosophy

The proposal to start an organisation to be called the Bhrat Sevak Samaj , has this in view , it is an ambitious task and we want men and women with high ambition for It, not the a ambition for little and personal things of life but the ambitions personal thing of the ambition, to serve great causes ,forgetting on self and achieve great ends.

What We Do

We can do some extent measure our resource or most. Òf them. But it is very difficult to measure the biggest of these resources that we have, that ìs man-power, and that psychology which makes people work for greater ends, Unless we utilize this man-power and unless we can produce that temper in our people which laughs at difficulties and gets things done, sometimes in spite of facts, we cannot achieve anything really big.

A Unit of Indrajit Memorial Welfare Society

Indrajit Memorial Institute of Medical Science & Technology is a Unit of Indrajit Memorial Welfare Society.

  • Dear young Friend.

Thank you for the interest shown in the Course offered by our institution. By going through the prospectus, I hope you will not only get to known the details of the course you are interested but also about our Institution stand for One of the biggest problem of today's world is unemployment. Also most of the time Personal with inadequate educational and technical qualification are given the competitive post and vacancies. Our motto is to overcome this problem and to provide more job opportunities to youngsters by making them, Educationally & Technically competent. And also be together to cure the many Patient by the help of the Specialist Doctors and their laborious effort and care in the OPD Section. Medical camp (outside )of our institution.

With Best wishes and assuring you qualitative education.

Rudra Kanta Dhar
Hon. Secretary & Chief
Functionary of I. M. W. S.